How to Choose E-commerce Themes for WordPress

Nowadays, WordPress is commonly used to configure as well and launch websites. For an advanced developer, WordPress is the best thing that happened to website development. However, if you have no coding skills, you will find WordPress to be a complex platform for designing and launching websites.

One of the major challenges that most new users face with WordPress is the problem of identifying the best website themes. This article offers you a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best e-commerce themes for WordPress that you can use when creating an online store.

  • Cost of the theme

WordPress offers two types of website themes – paid and free. You will find a wide range of competent premium and free themes that you can use for e-commerce. However, considering the security and better support that comes with premium themes, you would rather choose a premium theme as opposed to a free one.

  • Responsiveness of the theme

The number of users of mobile devices is high nowadays and hence; it becomes imperative that you settle for a theme that is compatible with such devices. Choose a theme that gives the users a chance to size the site down or up depending on their devices and still get a clear view of your products and content.

  • Navigation

You want your users to have a smooth navigation experience. To avoid high bounce rate, you need to ensure that visitors have no challenges finding their way around your site. As such, consider the combination of sticky headers, mega menus, call-to-action buttons, and arrows. The shoppers should be able to intuitively move within your site without doubts of where to click next – everything ought to be clear and detailed.

  • Security

Maximum security is a must-have, especially for e-commerce. You need a website theme that ensures the safety of the shoppers, particularly on cart functions. Despite the fact that the security of your store is determined by the plugins, SSL, and hosting, it is critical to choose a theme that has minimal security issues. For example, there are website themes that come with security features and assurance such as the Safe Seal embedded in the Divi theme.

While the above factors are important, they are of no benefit if your site’s load speed is low. The best online stores load faster. With the high competition in e-commerce, no one will wait for your store to load for ages.  Focus on a WordPress theme that uses fewer scrollers and animations as these adversely affect the on page speed. Additionally, the e-commerce hosting provider that you choose significantly impacts the loading speed of your website.

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