Disadvantages of Free E-commerce Themes for WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms that you can use to create your online store quickly. If you are new to WordPress and website design, you will need to learn about a few aspects to improve your site’s development process. There are difference e-commerce themes for WordPress that you can consider. However, each of these themes come with specific functionalities that have adverse impacts on your design process. One of these features is the price; some templates are free while others are considered premium, and you can only acquire them at a cost.

In this article, we cover a few reasons to shun away from free E-commerce themes for WordPress.

  • Limited functionality and features

Free website themes for WordPress come with few features and functionalities; you are only allowed have access to the basic features and functions. The implication for this is that there are certain designs and styles that you cannot achieve with the free themes. For example, with free themes, you get to use the standard WordPress features, but they do not give you extra features such as creating landing pages, buttons, or use of shortcodes.

  • No future proof

When thinking about designing your online store, one of the critical factors to consider is the sustainability of your theme. What is the future of your e-commerce like with the theme that you are about to use? Are there any future proofs that your theme gives you? If not, then it is high time you looked for a better one. The primary challenge of using free WordPress themes is that they have no warranties. As such, should something wrong happen nobody is liable.

  • Lack specialty

The free themes are available for use by anyone and hence, having them for your site does not give it any unique characteristics and design. Moreover, you are limited in terms of customizable functions and the visual display of your website.

  • Limited support options

Robust support is essential for any online store and website management in general. If you do not get the help that you need immediately, you are likely to miss out on significant opportunities. When you decide to use the free e-commerce themes for WordPress, you are subscribing to getting help through forums. The developers have no obligation to give replies to any support queries. Such a situation can be challenging especially where you urgently need help from the support on a given issue.